Top 5 Strongest Alcohol's in the World.

November 25, 2019

Welcome to TOP 5 Where as you can guess, we count down the top 5 of a large variety of topics! Today we delve into the Top 5 Strongest Alcohols in the World! Let’s Dive Right In!

5: Bruichladdich X4 92%

Coming in at 5 is Bruichladdic X4 at 92% Alcohol, and 184 proof.  This liquor originates from Scotland and uses the 17th century quadruple distilling method. This liquor is also aged in new oak casks which results in enhanced flavor.  An experiment done by BBC Journalists proved that this liquor power a sports car at speeds over 100 miles per hour.   

  1. Everclear 95%

Coming in at 4 is Everclear at 95% Alcohol, and 190 proof.  Everclear originates from The United States of America and is the first ever 190 proof alcohol that was bottled and provided for consumption.  Talk about pioneering. Everclear is famous for a near tasteless burning sensation, and for context a rubbing alcohol bottle is 91% proof. Some may describe the burning sensation as a dragon filled with fire in their throat.   

  1. Spirytus Rektyfikowany 96%

Coming in at 3 is Spirytus Rektyfikowany at 96% Alcohol, and 192 proof.  This alcohol originates from Poland and was only recently approved to be sold in the United States.  A sampler from the New York Post describes the alcohol as “getting punched in the solar plexus”. Now that sounds like a challenge to me.  

  1. Cocoroco 96%

Coming in at 2 is Cocoroco at 96% Alcohol, and 192 proof.  This alcohol originates from Bolivia is not quite number one, but it certainly likely to send shivers down your spine.  This alcohol is distilled from sugar and comes in a tin can rather than a bottle. This liquor is compared to drinking paint thinner, and is prohibited in most countries.  A truly infamous drink!

  1. Eesti Piiritus (Estonia Spirit) 96.6 %

At the top of our list, is the Estonia Spirit or Eesti Pilritus.  At 96.6% Alcohol and 193.2 proof originates from as you guessed, Estonia and these people sure know how to handle their liquor.  This alcohol is prohibited in most countries and is incredibly difficult to find. With their Eesti Piiritus the Estonians made the Guinness Book of Records for strongest alcoholic beverage in 1938 with an impressive 98%. By now they still produce booze with a decent 96.6 % alcohol.

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Fun Facts Sections

No drink can be over 55% alcohol by law in Chile

In Ohio, it is illegal to get a fish drunk

People with blue eyes have a greater alcohol tolerance.

Mountain Dew was made to be mixed with whiskey.