March 23, 2020


What comes into your mind when you hear the term “technology”? Perhaps, you would think of huge medical equipment or jet planes while others would infer to machine learning algorithms, smart phones, smart televisions or smart watches.Regardless of your thoughts, it is definitely clear to appreciate the underlying importance and the role of smart devices, which has almost become unavoidable in current society.

Technology is truly changing the world and shaping how we live.Since a lot more products are continuously developed while further improvements are made to existing ones, keeping with this pace for timely and accurate information might prove to be a tall order for many consumers.It is with in mind that Don’t test me is here to bridge existential gaps in information relay by offering comprehensive reviews on a wide range of consumer products. This post, therefore, serves to provide inclusive information on selected products: smart TV; smart watch and vlogging cameras for informed choices and value for your money when buying products.

So who doesn’t love fine things? Well, your guess might be as right as mine. A close look at the television making industry reveals a huge paradigm shift towards the production smartTV. Apparently, the term “smart”is so common in many lips thanks to raft of smart devices currently in market. Smart TV, just as the name suggests has intriguing features that one can need in a television set.

From the ability to support internet connections for streaming live programs and films to supporting other entertaining platforms like Netflix, smart TV has innumerable useful features that one cannot simply avoid. In fact, when smart TVs first arrived in markets, their prices were stratospherically tagged, hence, could only be owned by a few individuals.However, there is good news. In recent years, the situation has since changed and more of these screen televisions now throng market platforms at competitive prices and outstanding features.

Mass production of smart TV at affordable prices from wide range of manufacturers is blessing in disguise to some consumers. Together with continuous adjustments to specification and capabilities, it is increasingly becoming hard and confusing for buyer to choose such products. It is from this backdrop that a comprehensive analysis of most of these smart technology devices remain indispensable. Therefore, using specific examples herein, we shall debunk some of the doubts by furnishing you with accurate facts on choosing smart TV.

Undeniably, 32-inch smart TV still remains popular in market despite down scaled production by manufactures. Perhaps, if you have a small room or lean budge-tor just dire love for small screen TV, then there are still plenty of 32-inch smart TV just waiting for onward delivery to your desirous drop of point.It is apparent,55-inch screen television is becoming flagship size for most of smart TV, however,there exist a number of reputable and top-not brands of 32-inch smart TV that is relatively pocket friendly with quality image resolution and unique features that best fit your needs.

A comprehensive research from our TV experts have consistently demonstrated that best 32-inch smart TV still in market. Even though not all the TV models have been physically tested, we have applied our extensive knowledge and expertise within the TV industry to assess available brands and use this information so that consumers get the best value for every penny spent on the product. For example, 32-inch smart TV we highly rate and atop other equally leading models would easily be the Samsung- UN32M5300. Just to highlight a few magnificent features that make this television set outstanding is ability to show high quality pictures (due to high contrast ratio), broad color gamut, exceptional motion handling and high definitive resolution. However, a few lapses exist. It only supports optical audio and has two HDMI ports. However, if you disregard the whistles and the bells then why not try the best 32-inch smart TV in market?

On the other hand, have you ever thought of becoming a vlogger? Then you must be ready to acquire some of the finest and best vlogging cameras for your prospective career. The industry is increasingly becoming competitive as many people have shown that it is possible to actually earn a living out of vlogging.

Therefore, together with other essential aspects, best camera is key to slicing and entrenching vlogging market share. Crystal-clear footage and off course super content would contribute to huger chunk of your success in this particular industry. To this effect, the best cameras for vlogging must have megapixel of around 12 or more, key qualities that can only be found in some of the latest cameras in the market.

For examples, the best camera that would help you grow your Video Blog or YouTube channel isCanon G7 X Mark III. So why Mark III version of the Canon G7X? Well, this can be described as the best of this series since it comes with a 4k sensor and nearly unmatched image stabilization capability among other great features that would surely propel you to greater height in your vlogging work.

Undoubtedly, the world of digital life wouldn’t end without highlighting a revolutionary gadget in the name of Samsung smart watch. For sure, this product has consistently proven to be the finest smart watch model. It can carry out numerous tricks such as internet voice search capability, GPS location tracking or heart rate monitoring for the general well being.

In terms of key features, design, specifications, battery life, competitive price and other significant considerations, Samsung smart watch lead others in this category.Precisely, Samsung Galaxy Watch is the most refined and impressive out of other smart watches in market. Unimaginably, this Samsung smart watch has a remarkable 4-day battery life, a rotating bezel and above all, a Tizen operating system that makes it the easiest to navigate and operate among many more fascinating capabilities.

In light of the above, it is more evidence that smart TVs, smart watches and cameras have significantly been improved in the recent period.  Consumers are faced with the challenge of keeping up with this ever changing technological industry. But one thing for sure, Don’t test me offers a comprehensive information for the product you need and hence greater value for your money in products you purchase.